About Us

Trebuchet Farm photos - 1 (2)We have been North Carolina residents for 30 years.  We have spent the better part of the last decade and our life savings building our home and our farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We are honored to grow wholesome and nutritious chemical-free food for our friends and neighbors in the area.   Our goal is to help local families make more confident, healthy food choices.

Our farm, located on 16 acres, near Boone, NC, is a bio-intensive, no-till operation.  We use organic methods, organic non-GMO seed, and heirloom varieties whenever possible.  Our farm is not a large scale, mechanized operation.  We use hand tools and strive to minimize the use of fossil fuel use and all of our natural resources.

Trebuchet Farm photos - 23
Our rescue puppy, Fiona.

The name Trebuchet Hill (pronounced Treb-u-shay), has a funny story behind it, but we’re not ready to tell it yet!  Maybe when we know you better…   which we hope is very soon!

We appreciate your support, and we are happy you want to know more about us!

John and Julia McIntyre






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